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A passion for and love of music is what drives Audible Physics to create and produce wonderful sounding loudspeaker drivers.


- Rishi S Gurbani (Owner of Audible Physics)


Audible Physics has been servicing the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) market in the audio industry by using aspects of physics to aid in the development and production of loudspeaker drivers.


Audible Physics is capable of designing and producing loudspeaker drivers to meet or exceed customer expectations while at the same time, meeting their budgetary constraints and a range of other project requirements.


In 2007, Audible Physics identified an emerging demand for high quality miniature loudspeaker drivers for the home DIY and car audio enthusiasts. Audible Physics has since lead the developments of such products and incorporates a range of exotic, high-grade materials to maximize the performance while providing customers with unsurpassed value.


Since ARC Audio’s inception in 1998, ARC Audio has created one of the world's largest networks of dedicated professionals, each showing their commitment to sharing the vision of creating one of the largest family-oriented networks in the mobile electronics industry.We strive to create relationships with our dealers and customer, delivering superior customer satisfaction by producing the highest quality audio components on the market today.With over 40 years of Experience ARC Audio's product lineup includes exclusive designs from industry legend Robert Zeff giving ARC Audio an unprecedented level of hands-on experience design and production ability for all of its products.

Specializing in Car Audio Amplifiers, Speakers, Subwoofers, Sound Processors, Equalizers, Electronic Crossovers, and more ARC Audio has formed itself into one of the industry’s leading companies for USA designed products with more than 80+ products in the ARC Audio product lineup. Now 14 years later ARC Audio has expanded its product lineup moving with great success into Motorcycle Audio for the Harley Davidson Market and additional flexible product diversity in the mobile lineup allowing for expanded integration into marine, UTV, Off-road, and specialty vehicle applications.


ARC Audio has sustained itself as a continuous power to the industry professionals and the world’s most scrutinizing ears with over 130+ championships worldwide and over 700+ top podium finish with its competition team members in the IASCA, USAC, MECA and EMMA competition organizations worldwide since the beginning of our Team ARC Audio Sound Quality competition team program.Experience the highest levels of musical expression and better sound by making ARC Audio part of your vehicle and part of your personalized musical experiences.

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